Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tiny Tweaks can create big changes


How was your 2016? You know change can not happen without effectively making changes in your mind set, in your action plan, in your home, in the way you feel. The changes do not have to be dramatic but they need to be at least TINY TWEAKS.  Because when you do not have the results you wished for, you need to tweak something in your life. Sometimes it is just another way of thinking ... like more positive. It can be changing your home. Go to the Marie Diamond App on google store or app store and find your energy number and change what is in your success direction.  Or it is just to be more grateful for what you already have before you can attract more of what you wish.
with love

Marie Diamond

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Monday, August 1, 2016

You are ALL ONE

Do you have sometimes that feeling? You are surrounded by so many people and you still feel alone?. Remember than that you are connected with all the hearts and minds of humanity thru to the quantum energy field. You are never alone. You are ALL ONE. Just one letter difference: the letter L. But it is not just a letter difference, it is a difference in perspective. When you focus on being alone, you will attract situations that will keep confirming you are alone. When you focus on support and love, you will attract situations that confirm that you are loved and supported. Open your heart to be surrounded by loving and mindful people. Here is a meditation to help you to be open to love and support. With Love to All of You. Marie Diamond. #MarieDiamond #Energymessages.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sharing is Evolving

When you do not share your smile, your heart, your mind, your talents, your passion, your YOU with others, you are stopping your own Evolution. Sharing is Evolving. What do you have to share? It does not have to cost you money. A smile, a kind word, a tender gesture, a transformational book that you already read, an inspiring blog, an uplifting picture on Instagram, a positive message, … There is so much to share for free and it will help you and others evolve in better human beings. Here is a Free E-book to help you in your success. #Sharing #Evolution#Energymessages #MarieDiamond

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Share your Talents

I know you have talents to share but do you share them? I believe that your talents are not to stay hidden but to be shared in the world. Start sharing with your family, your friends, your community and the world. When you have a beautiful singing voice, let it be heard and go in  your local choir or even try a talent show. Just for the fun to share your beautiful voice. You have a message, start sharing in a notebook, on a blog and let the world enjoy your writing. What are talents good for? Why are they giving to us? To be used for the benefit and the enjoyment of as much people as possible. Than your talents will grow : Sharing is Evolving. Here is a Free E-book to help you in your success to share your talents. With Love to All of You. Marie Diamond. #MarieDiamond #Energymessages.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Miracles do Happen

Miracles do happen. Once you stop trying to figure it all out, and you give up, The universe can get to work and play out the miracles of live. Stop trying so hard to all figure it out. Nature has a way to find a way. Get out of the way for the natural flow of unfolding miracles. Just focus on your goal and your vision of your life and get on with your daily life. Trust that the Universe is like this supercomputer that knows ways to find solutions that you with your mind can not even dream about. E-book to help you in your success to make miracles happen. With Love to All of You. Marie Diamond. #MarieDiamond #Energymessages.